Month: July 2021

Brent Emerson – What Clothes To Wear As A Bridesmaid?

By bridesmaid, we mean the woman or girl who prepares a bride for the wedding and accompanies the bride to the wedding ceremony. So, the bridesmaid is a key person in the wedding ceremony. She needs to wear a look that adds to the grace of the bride during the advent of the bride to the wedding party.

The dress of the bride depends upon the culture of the bride’s community. So is that of the bridesmaid. The color of the bridesmaid’s dress should be different from that of the bride’s. If there is more than one bridesmaid, the dress of the bridesmaids must be identical so that the bride can be identified easily from even the attire.

Generally, the dress of the bridesmaid is determined by the bridal party. Some parties propose a color lighter than that of the bridal dress. Others propose a darker color. Accordingly, the dress of the bridesmaid varies. Though, as a bridesmaid you don’t want to mess up with the dress and here are some tips from Brent Emerson, North Carolina, a famous fashion designer on “What clothes should a bridesmaid wear.”

The bridesmaid can wear a long or a short dress because the outlook of the westerners is more open. Still, a minimum decorum is always maintained during an auspicious occasion like marriage. So, the bridesmaid always should wear sober clothes and uses makeup that goes in sync with her behavior set according to the interest of the bridal party.

If the bridal party decides to perform the marriage in a very cheerful way and full of fanfare, the bridesmaid uses gorgeous makeup. And if the bridal party wants to follow the rituals of their tradition, the bridesmaid should take a lighter makeup so that everyone’s concentration goes to the center of the stage where the actual marriage occurs.

The most common color of bridesmaid dress that is used in a ritualistic marriage is light pink. Light yellow and light purple are the other favorite colors when the bridal dress is white. If the bridal dress is colored, then the bridesmaid should wear a light shade of any other color or white. If the wedding ceremony is a modern one where all the rituals are not followed properly, the bridesmaid may even wear dark colors irrespective of what color the bride wears.

According to Brent Emerson, black is not counted as inauspicious in the western world. So, any color can be worn by the bridesmaid and others in their wedding ceremony. Right from the decoration of the marriage hall to the dress of the bridal party, the black color is avoided in some ritual family, and bridesmaid is no exception. All the different permutations and combinations of the other colors should be tried, but black is bound not to be permitted.

Thus, the bridesmaid clothes are really important. One can buy it from the stores of Arizona and North Carolina.